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Note: Unless otherwise described, all locomotives are fully tested and guaranteed to be in good working order.
Please note : I am no longer able to ship outside of the E.U.
Updated 10th Dec 2019 - for Latest Arrivals see News Page.
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G1 Live Steam Locomotives 



RB506 GCR Class 9N (LNER/BR A5) 4-6-2 Tank Loco. A very well built and finished model to the well known Paul Forsyth design, constructed by the late John Lawrence from a Keith Cousins kit and professionally painted and lined by Liz Marsden. Finished in full Great Central lined-green livery as No. 451 and in immaculate condition. Spirit-fired, single-cylinder with fitted water hand pump and axle-driven feed. Supplied complete with a custom wooden carry case. 10mm 1850
RB503 Aster BR Standard Class 5MT 73050 in Lined Black Livery. An original release example which has been kit-built to a high standard by an experienced builder. Appears to have had little or no use apart from test steamings and thus in excellent unmarked condition and perfect running order. Spirit-fired, fully working walshaerts valve gear, piston valves, cylinder drains, axle and hand pumps etc. Supplied with a cast dummy coal load in the tender and complete with quality wooden carry case. 1:32 3950
RB497 Aster GWR Castle Class 5080 'Defiant'. Originally a factory-built example in excellent running order, fully tested and recently serviced by me. Spirit-fired, four cylinders, all usual fittings including axle and hand pumps plus an oil pressurising valve. Finished in the fully lined GWR green livery as No. 5080 'Defiant'. Complete with a wooden carry case. 1:32 3850
RB492 Aster BR Blue 'Duchess of Atholl'. Another top Aster collectible which was professionally kit-built by me for a customer and never steamed, although thoroughly air tested and been used for display purposes only. In perfect mint condition as you would expect - could easily be used for running purposes or display. I would be pleased to commission this one for steam running in the price if the new owner wished. Brief Specs:- Four cylinders, spirit-fired with working Walshaert's valve gear, axle and hand pumps in tender, pressurised lubricator etc. Finished in BR lined blue livery as 46231 'Duchess of Atholl'. Complete with original kit box, manuals and all accessories. 1:32 4750
RB491 Aster LNER Green A3 'Flying Scotsman'. Another very popular and collectible Aster model. This one is mint, factory assembled and unsteamed from new, being used for display purposes only. Complete with original factory box, manuals, accessories and display track. Brief Specs:- Three cylinders, slide valves with prototypical conjugated drive to middle engine, spirit-fired with working Walshaert's valve gear, pressurised lubricator, axle and hand pumps in tender, etc.  I would be pleased to commission this one for steam running if the new owner wished within the price. 1:32 4200
RB493 Aster SR Schools 'Winchester'. Where the Aster story all began - a totally mint example of this famed model which was factory assembled and is complete in original box carton with display track and instruction manual. Twin cylinders with Smithies-style boiler, blower and regulator valve, lubricator and fuel tank in tender. Never been steamed and therefore no scorch marks or other blemishes - perfect! 1:32 1800
RB494 Aster BR86 2-8-2 Tank Locomotive. In plain black livery as No. 86-005. Spirit-fired with the external vapourising style of burner. Outside slip-eccentric valve gear. Fitted with regulator, water gauge and pressure gauge. Water top up by trackside pump or by fitting an Enots style fitting to the existing connection for use with a water pump bottle. These are excellent running locomotives as one would expect from an Aster, simple and straightforward to operate. Complete with Aster manual. 1:32 SOLD
RB477 Aster SBB 3/5 Swiss Compound. A very rare and handsome meths-fired 4-6-0 steam loco in good condition which has four cylinders and fully working Walschaert's gear, water and pressure gauges, plus special A4-style tender water pump and handpump, also stainless steel loco wheels. Was said as a model to be so powerful as to be difficult to control, but this model runs very sweetly as a powerful straight four cylinder loco after adaption by professional engineer Roger Marsh. 1:32 SOLD
RB505 BR A4 Gresley Pacific 60034 'Lord Faringdon'. A magnificent model professionally built by Graham Dixon and recently serviced and repainted by the builder into BR lined green livery as 60034 'Lord Faringdon'. Brief Specs:- Spirit-fired boiler, three cylinders with working Walschaerts valve gear and prototypical Gresley/Holcroft conjugated drive to the middle cylinder. Axle pump, hand pump and bypass in tender, water gauge and working whistle etc. A powerful and impressive track performer in immaculate condition, complete with boiler cert. and a custom made wooden carry case. 10mm SOLD
RB485 GWR Castle Class 'Great Western' by Barrett Eng. Factory-built by Barrett Eng. and not available for some years now, this model is finished as 7007 'Great Western' in lined green GWR livery. In fair condition for age (1996) and runs really well. Brief Specs:- Spirit-fired, twin cylinders with slip-eccentric valve gear, boiler blow-down valve, regulator and blower etc. axle driven pump and hand pump in tender. Full boiler history/certs. Supplied in wooden carry case. 10mm SOLD
  G1 Electric Models      
RB507 Finescale Brass/San Cheng LMS/BR 'Black Five' 4-6-0. A mint example of the favoured separate top feed boiler version of these popular models, now long out of production. In plain black livery at present, so could be finished in any LMS or BR livery version to suit. In perfect cosmetic condition with no marks or blemishes. Fitted with the excellent Fosworks TX2.1 digital battery radio control system (with separate inertia control) and ready to run. 1:32 SOLD
RB511 Bachmann/San Cheng Hunslet Austerity Tank 0-6-0. A rare unpainted original sample of this popular model, now long out of production. This is the favoured low bunker version as represented by countless full-size examples in preservation. For 12-18V DC two rail operation, but R/C battery kits are available from Fosworks and others. This particular example was used for review and testing purposes only, so is still in 'as new' condition. 1:32 SOLD
  G1 Rolling Stock      
RB510 GWR Siphon G Bogie Van. A very nicely constructed and detailed model built from the Tenmille kit. Well finished in GWR brown livery with white roof and numbered as #1457. 10mm 295
RB508 Tower Brass/San Cheng GW/BR 'B' Set. diagram E147. A 'B' Set pair finished in plain BR maroon with basic lining out. Highly detailed brass bodied construction with free running bogie wheelsets running in ball race bearings. 1:32 825
RB502 Set of six LNER Teak Gresley Suburban Non-Corridor Coaches. An interesting set which makes up into a useful 'cross country' or suburban LNER train. Set comprises 2141 Brake 3rd with working tail light, 2591 All 3rd., 48076 LAV 1st/3rd Comp., 63290 LAV 1st/3rd Comp (to diagram 50), 2199 Full Brake, 6768 Full Brake. The first three listed were built by the late Fred Newman and improved by John Judson. 63290 and 2199 were built recently from KA Laser kits to a high standard and are in new condition. 6768 builder unknown, but is very well made and finished. All are in good running order - Collection only due to size and weight. 10mm SOLD

Updated 10th Dec 2019

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