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Note: Unless otherwise described, all locomotives are fully tested and guaranteed to be in good working order.
Please note : I am no longer able to ship outside of the E.U.
Updated 14th March 2018 - for Latest Arrivals - see News Page.
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G1 Live Steam Locomotives     


RB431 Aster SNCF type 140C 302 (Dabeg). The attractive green liveried version of these popular 2-8-0 locomotives. This example is in excellent condition and benefits from some cosmetic enhancements and practical modifications to the tender to aid servicing and quick removal of the fuel tank. The usual high specs - spirit fired, twin cylinder, working cylinder drains, axle and hand pumps etc. Complete with wooden carry case. 1:32 2850
RB432 Caledonian 903 Class 4-6-0. Usually referred as the 'Cardean' class, this handsome model is finished as no. 907 in the sky blue lined livery. Superbly engineered by Tom Barrett and in excellent overall running condition. Spirit-fired, twin inside cylinders actuated by slip-eccentric valve gear. Hand pump in the large bogie tender, removable fuel tank etc. Wooden carry case and complete with G1MRA boiler cert. 10mm 2650
RB433 LNER (ex GCR) Robinson Class L1/L3 'Coal Tank' 2-6-4T. A very well made scratch-built model by Richard Hibbert finished in plain LNER black livery as No. 5276. Spirit-fired, single cylinder with slip- eccentric reversing, axle and hand pumps, water gauge etc. Despite the long wheelbase, this model has been engineered to easily traverse tighter radius points and curves etc. In excellent running order. 10mm 1450
RB428 TME 'King Arthur' Class 'Sir Lamiel'. From the recent batch of highly acclaimed SR/BR N15 & S15 4-6-0 locomotives by Tolhurst Model Engineering in virtually new condition. Modelled as 'Sir Lamiel' in BR lined livery 'as preserved' condition. The specification for these highly detailed models is astounding - true to prototype as is possible in this scale. Live steam, spirit fired, walschaert's valve gear, cylinder drains, electronic water gauge, detailed backhead etc. I'll let the pictures do the talking here! Open to sensible offers, but be aware that the original base price was 6.5K and there will be no more produced. Supplied with all tools and a wooden carry case and documentation. 1:32 SOLD
RB429 Accucraft GW/BR 'Prairie' Tank loco 2-6-2 with R/C. Currently out of production, this example of these popular models is in the plain BR green livery and finished as No. 6167 with late BR crest. In excellent unmarked condition having seen only occasional use. Gas fired, piston valves, water and pressure gauges, 'Goodhall' style water filling valve, etc. Fitted with full radio control of regulator and reverser utilising the Peter Spoerer TX23 2.4gHz system (transmitter included). In full working order and supplied in original factory box and shipping carton with documentation. 1:32 2200
RB425 Aster BR Green 'Duchess of Montrose' 4-6-2. The elusive sought after BR lined green version of which only 80 examples were produced. Factory built-up version in virtually new condition - steamed once to test and then displayed only. Sprit fired, four cylinders, all usual fittings including axle and hand pumps. In original factory box with all tools and manuals present. Rare to find one in this condition nowadays. 1:32 5000
RB424 Aster GWR 'King George V' 4-6-0. Kit-built version in good overall condition and running order. Spirit fired, four cylinder all usual fittings including axle and hand pumps. Supplied in good quality  custom wooden carry case and complete with assembly manual and drawings. 1:32 3500
RB426 G1MC BR Standard Class 4MT tank loco. produced by Accucraft for the Gauge 1 Model Company. Spirit-fired, twin cylinders with slip eccentric valve gear, axle and hand pumps, working cylinder drains. Burner has been lowered to increase performance. (Some cosmetic marks to LH side which could easily be touched in.) Otherwise in excellent working order and supplied in good quality custom wooden carry case. 1:32 1950
RB413 LNER (ex GNR) Class C1 Atlantic 4-4-2 coal-fired. Extremely well built and finished from the Barrett Engineering kit by Norfolk Loco Works, with additional improvements by Peter Alliott. All usual fittings, slip-eccentric valve gear, replacement vertical axle pump, superbly finished in LNER lined green as No 2426 Complete with build manual and notes, G1MRA boiler cert, firing irons and wooden carrying case. Like the SR version offered below, this one has been seldom used and is in outstanding condition and running order. 10mm 4250
RB414 LNER (ex GCR) Class B2/B19 No 5423 'Sir Sam Fay' 4-6-0. Another top quality model built by the legendary Tom Barratt and detailed and painted by Martin Sheridan. In excellent overall external and running condition, well finished in LNER lined green livery. Twin inside cylinders, slip eccentric valve gear, fitted hand and axle pumps in perfect running order. Supplied in custom wooden carrying case with G1MRA boiler certificate. 10mm 2850
RB415 LMS (ex MR) 'Tilbury Tank' 4-4-2T No 2113. Without doubt one the finest examples of this handsome tank locomotive I have seen, built to the well known Paul Forsyth design by Steve Silcock from Keith Cousins' kit parts. Superbly painted and lined by the builder in LMS lined crimson lake livery. Twin cylinders, slip eccentric valve gear, spirit fired, additional axle pump, etc. Removable roof section for access to lubricator, or the whole cab including fuel tank can be easily detached. Wooden carry case and current G1MRA boiler cert. Runs as well as it looks. 10mm 2100
RB412 Southern Railway Marsh Atlantic 4-4-2 coal-fired. Very well engineered from the Barrett Engineering kit by Peter Alliott. All usual fittings, slip-eccentric valve gear, plus grate/ashpan modified for simple easy ash removal. Well finished in SR lined Maunsell green as No 2426 'St. Alban's Head' by Martin Sheridan. Complete with build manual and notes, G1MRA boiler cert, firing irons and wooden carrying case. In outstanding condition and running order. 10mm 4250
RB411 GWR Modified Hall 4-6-0 No. 6965 'Thirlestane Hall'. A finely engineered scratch-built model built by Martin Sheridan. Finished in late post-war GWR lined green livery with Hawksworth style tender. Spirit-fired, slip-eccentric valve gear, with all usual fittings including water gauge, axle and hand pumps, removable fuel tank etc. Supplied with G1MRA boiler certificate and custom wooden carry case. 10mm 4250
RB400 Aster  Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Railroad 2-6-6-6 Class H-8 Allegheny. This superb locomotive was kit-built by Peter Alliott and has not been run since construction and testing and is therefore in superb unmarked mint condition. Featuring a locomotive type boiler which can either be fired by spirit or coal (currently configured for spirit).  2 x Safety Valves, Gauge Glass, Pressure Gauge, Whistle, Regulator, Blower Valve, By-Pass Valve, Baker Valve Gear etc. Complete with all accessories including coal-fired grate etc. Supplied in original factory wooden box with all manuals. Collection only due to weight and size. 1:32 9000
RB181 Aster Standard Class 5MT. Serial Number 001! Kit-built to a high standard and presented in lined BR black livery as No.73050. All usual fittings including cab-operated working cylinder drains. Cast dummy coal load in tender. Previously sold by RBM, it has come back in much the same excellent condition and has been recently serviced by me. Supplied in wooden carrying case. 1:32 4200
RB386 Glasgow & South Western Railway 403 Class Drummond Mogul. Built by Paul Forsyth to his own design in 2014. This model of a rarely modelled prototype features twin inside cylinders, slip eccentric reversing gear and a tender hand pump. Finished in lined green G&SWR livery. as No 60. The long wheelbase makes the loco more suitable for larger radius curves 10' and above. With current G1MRA boiler certificate. 10mm 1250
RB362 Aster LMS Black Jumbo 'Snowdon'. Kit-built version presented in plain black LMS livery as no. 5001 'Snowdon'. Twin cylinder, spirit fired, slip eccentric reversing. All recommended mods applied and with some cosmetic additions. Perfect running order complete with wooden carry case and manuals. 1:32 1595
RB355 Aster LNER 4472 'Flying Scotsman'. Factory assembled version of this popular model which has not been steamed and is hence in mint as-new condition. LNER lined green livery. Spirit-fired, 3-cylinders, fully working valve gear including conjugated drive to middle valve, all usual fittings.  Supplied in original box with all tools and manuals present. 1:32 4495


RB353 Aster BR01 Pacific. Another fine example of these powerful locomotives in excellent running order. In good overall cosmetic condition considering its age, with minimal signs of wear. Twin cylinders, walschaerts valve gear, spirit fired with hand pump in tender, whistle. The sheer size of the boiler ensures a good running time between 'pump-ups'. Appears to have been fitted with working headlights at some stage (wiring still wrapped around front headlight). Fully tested and serviced and runs very well. 1:32 2250
  Electric Models      
RB423 Hunslet 'Austerity' 0-6-0T loco. Professionally built by Dave Walker of Cromford Models to a high standard from the Mercian Models brass kit, and finished in plain Prussian blue livery with the name 'Pamela' to the tank sides. (Actual colour is darker than it appears in the pictures.) Has been wired for external power control, but a slide switch is fitted for the installation of onboard radio control. Mashima motor with a Slaters gearbox. 10mm 825
RB422 GWR 26XX 'Abedare' Class 2-6-0 No. 2667. An interesting model of an unusual prototype rarely modelled. Origin unknown but appears to have been kit-built with a good level of detail. Fitted with an MSC Crailcrest motor/gearbox unit with Buehler motor. Currently arranged  for external power control via external cable to a power car(not supplied). Driver and fireman figures in the cab. In wooden carrying case. 10mm 695
RB409 Ex GER/LNER/BR Class J69 0-6-0T Built from the former Wagon & Carriage Works kit and finished in plain black. Fitted with the excellent MSC Crailcrest motor/gearbox. Flying leads for external battery control, but a potential candidate for a battery R/C conversion. With a little work this could be turned into a very attractive model, but otherwise untested and sold as seen and priced accordingly. 10mm 495
RB402 BR (ex SDJR/LMS) Class 7F 2-8-0. Built from the Alan Gibson kit to a very high standard by Atlantic Engineering and finished as BR Class 7F No 53807 with small late BR crest on tender sides. Helical gearbox. Switchable for 2-rail DC operation or battery FM radio control with transmitter, but the batteries in the tender are life expired and need replacing, hence R/C is untested, sold as seen and priced accordingly. An upgrade to more modern 2.4 gHz R/C would probably be beneficial together with the battery replacement. Comes with all documentation and builder's notes. 10mm 1100
RB403 LMS Class 2P 4-4-0 No 667. Origin unknown, but appears to have been kit built to a basic standard. Could have been assembled  from an Acme or Alan Gibson kit?  Finished in plain black LMS livery. Powered by battery FM radio control with radio gear housed in coupled LMS van also of uncertain origin. Complete with FM transmitter and in working order, but probably not a 'heavy hauler'. 10mm 595
RB399 LNER A3 Pacific 4472 'Flying Scotsman'. Scratch-built model professionally built by Selwyn Smith. Finished in lined LNER livery as 4472 'Flying Scotsman' in A3 form with high level of detail featuring round dome and non-corridor tender. Fitted with the excellent Revo TrainMaster 2.4gHz R/C system for battery radio control. Transmitter is included in the sale (system cost approx 250). In full working order with MSC Crailcrest motor/gearbox and supplied in wooden carry case. 10mm 2250
RB395 Bachmann BR Class 03 0-6-0 diesel shunter. Manufactured by San Cheng in China and no longer available new. In the favoured BR green finish, unlettered and in unmarked mint condition. Fitted with battery electric TX21 radio control by Peter Spoerer (TX21 transmitter with inertia control included). 1:32 795
RB404 Bachmann Brass/San Cheng BR Class 94 'Austerity' 0-6-0T. Now getting hard to find, this example is in excellent little used condition and finished plain BR black livery as 68062 with late BR crest. Fitted with Spektrum 2.4gHz radio control and complete with DX5 transmitter. Loco recently fitted with new rechargeable battery pack by Peter Spoerer and is ready to go. Supplied in original manufacturer's box and packaging. 1:32 875
RB405 Bachmann Brass/San Cheng LMS 'Jinty' 3F 0-6-0T. Finished in a lightly weathered plain black livery as LMS 7415. Appears to have been fitted with radio control at some point (now removed) but a rechargeable battery pack is still fitted together with leads (see pictures in cab). Hence untested and sold as seen, but 2-rail pickups are also still present on the insulated wheels, so could be adapted for dual R/C and 2-rail pick up. 1:32 695
RB408 BR (ex GNR/LNER) Class J6 0-6-0. A very nicely engineered model, scratch-built to a very high standard. Sturdily built, with geared motor drive to loco rear axle. Well finished and detailed in plain black BR livery as No. 64187 with early BR tender emblem. Appears to have been fitted for either external battery control or via R/C fitted in the tender where there is adequate space. A motor plug and socket are still fitted between engine and tender. 10mm 975
  Rolling Stock      
RB419 Set of four LMS Stanier Period III Corridor Coaches. A superb set of LMS coaches built by John Loveday, fitted with interior and under floor detail. LMS lined crimson lake livery. In excellent little used unmarked condition and presented in two custom built wooden carry/stowage cases. Set consists of 1st/3rd Comp Brake, All 3rd, All 1st, 3rd Brake. Collection only due to size and weight. 10mm 1850
RB416 Set of Five LMS Period 1 Corridor Coaches. A set of outstanding quality scratch-built coaches built by John Clegg and Brian Badger from the collection of the late Robert Head. Set consists of 1st/3rd Comp No. 8754, 3rd Class Sleeping Car No. 12567, Full Brake No. 5690, 1st Brake parlour car 15892 with full interior detail and lighting, All 3rd Dining Car No. 7811. All finely finished in LMS lined crimson lake livery. (Lots of pictures for you to study) Collection only. 10mm 2950
RB417 Barrett Engineering set of four GWR Suburban Coaches. Set of four Collett era non-corridor coaches with  interiors. Fabricated brass bogies with individually sprung axleboxes. In fair condition for age and ride very well indeed - derailments are rare with these bogies! One buffer missing, but a new brass casting buffer set is supplied with the coaches. Excellent value. Collection only. 10mm 995
RB418 Set of six 4-wheel GWR Coaches. A set of six nicely presented GWR 4-wheel coaches built from brass kits, probably Mercian Models. Boxed set comprises All 3rd Brake, All 1st, 2 x All 3rd, 1st/2nd/3rd Luggage, Luggage Brake. All well made and finished in lined GW chocolate and cream livery with white roofs. No interiors, but could easily be added. These come up very rarely! Collection only due to size and weight. (Note: Kit price alone for each coach is 199.00) 10mm 1650
RB427 Set of seven GWR coaches. A set of seven GWR coaches in the Collett era style, comprising 2 x 1st/3rd. Comp Brake, 4 x 1st/3rd. Comp, 1 x 1st/3rd. Restaurant Car. All fitted with Tenmille bar and pin couplings except the brake ends which have hooks and chains. Very free running set with interior detail. Thought to have been built in Canada, possibly by Alan Wright? Collection only. 1:32 1495
RB376 Finescale Loco Co. Caledonian Non-Corridor Coaches. A set of three Caledonian subs comprising Arc Roof Non Corridor All 3rd, Brake Comp 1st/3rd, Comp 1st/3rd. Finely detailed and all in excellent boxed near new condition. 1:32 1800

Updated 14th. March 2018

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